Strategic Computing | Software Procurement Training
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Software Procurement Training

Software Procurement Masterclass

Large organisations struggle to meet the ongoing challenges of delivering their products and services cost-effectively and with minimal business risk. ​ ​Technology is a key business enabler – and software is at its core.

  • ​Our training course will help you procure software and related services better.
  • This will result in lower costs and less risks – and the benefits achieved will be sustainable through  better software procurement practice.  ​

Our Software Procurement Training will keep you on top of the Software Category

  • The software procurement specialist  needs to have many skills – strong interpersonal skills, technical procurement knowledge and experience, deep knowledge of the software category – so they can gain the confidence and support of their business and technology clients.
  • Through our software procurement training we will impart knowledge and experience gleaned through many hundreds of software procurement projects over many years.

 ​Enable seamless Buyer transition from other categories to the Software Category

  • Procurement specialists in other categories  can find the move to the complex Software Category is a daunting one. This doesn’t have to be so.
  • Using focused software procurement training and our well-tested and proven checklists and mind maps, category procurement personnel who are moving to the Software Category can get up to speed quickly.
  • Our acclaimed Software Procurement Training course can be provided as a one or two-day course, interspersed with role plays and real-life case studies.
  • Or the training can be tailored to deliver phased value to larger procurement and technology teams over an extended timescale as part of a focused knowledge transfer and upskilling programme.

Software Support and Maintenance Training



Our training courses are based on our many years of big ticket software procurement experience and have been provided to such clients as Aviva, Barclays, Co-op Banking Group, Reuters, BAA plc, Bombardier Aerospace, BT, Capgemini, Eircom, Heineken Ireland, Royal Bank of Scotland, Welsh National Assembly and many others.

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 An Introduction to Software Contracts and Commercials


This introductory course includes key elements of our Software Procurement Masterclass but focuses predominantly on the contracts and commercials components.


An Introduction to  Software Contracts

  • Software Licence and Support Agreements
  • Professional Services/Consultancy Agreements
  • Software Development Agreements
  • SaaS Agreements
  • Letters of intent, heads of agreement and memoranda of understanding
  • Key contract elementsand their importance to the Buyer and the Supplier
  • Classic software “gotchas” – and how to avoid them


Software Commercials

  • Software licensing models, metrics and pricing
  • Professional services and understanding the underlying commercial models
  • Software development commercial models and the software lifecycle
  • Software revenue recognition and its impact on commercial agreements
  • Mitigating risk and reducing cost through strong commercial and contractual linkages
  • Top tips to the get the best deal outcomes


Strategic Sourcing: Developing and Implementing the Software Sourcing Strategy


This course uses the Strategic Sourcing framework and focuses on the development and implementation of the Software Sourcing Strategy as a key component of the framework.

It includes:

  • Using the Strategic Sourcing framework to feed the Sourcing Strategy
  • Building the Sourcing Project Plan
  • Building stakeholder consensus and commitment
  • Creating the context for long-term value delivery
  • Building the roadmap through focused checklists
  • Managing communication and supply market engagement
  • Knowing what a good deal looks like and building the negotiation strategy
  • Undertaking the negotiations and future-proofing the contract
  • Managing risk and ensuring value is retained over time