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Resolve potential issues using a Standing Neutral

Every business relationship – particularly those involving complex, business-critical services – has the potential for disputes. These may be one-off disputes which are handled quickly and effectively through good governance processes or may be long term disputes that can, over time, wear the relationship down and eventually lead to litigation or relationship termination.

The use of a “Standing Neutral” – a trusted independent and expert advisor – can result in the prevention of disputes by his/her early engagement in discussions on “who does what, when and how” topics that invariably arise over time when lack of contract clarity and biased interpretation begin to drive wedges through the relationship. This approach to collaborative resolution of issues using an independent advisor can help resolve issues early and open mutual value opportunities that the relationship can nurture.

Ray has worked with clients on both the customer and supply side over many years and understands the challenges from both perspectives. Give us a call if you believe an experienced eye could help unblock relationship issues and open latent value creation opportunities in your strategic IT relationships.

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