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The value in any IT deal doesn’t just lie in one-off product discounts and reduced rate cards but in the value that is gleaned by the business over time

Even at face value, deals that ostensibly represent good value are often sub-optimal and leave significant value on the table and embody increased risk for the buying organisation.

We have been negotiating big ticket IT deals for many years and  bring this deep experience into play on complex negotiations. We will work with you to develop the negotiation strategy, structure the negotiation plan and conduct the negotiations so that you glean best value from them. Our structured negotiation methodology will guide the negotiation process to deliver strong outcomes.

Take Enterprise Software Negotiations, for example:

Sales folks in enterprise software organisations are generally very experienced and highly incentivised …..

  • they are engaged in software negotiations week in, week out
  • they know their products, services, commercials and contracts intimately
  • they have in-depth knowledge of the market and competitor offerings
  • they are expert in positioning their offerings and stacking the odds in their favour before they ever get to the negotiation table

On the other hand …..

  • negotiators from the Customer organisation are generally “occasional” negotiators and may deal with the vendor, its products and services only every once in a while (if at all)
  • they are focused on wider challenges than software deal negotiation and are dealing with multiple demands from internal stakeholders at any time
  • they may not have the time or the experience to understand how to plan for and undertake complex software procurement and negotiations
  • because of the vendor’s complex licensing, support and service delivery models, Customers often don’t fully understand how vendor propositions really deliver value over time and have difficulty building commercial TCO, ROI and investment value cases and aligning them to negotiation outcomes

Therefore, the negotiation imbalance can be quite significant. Our project-based negotiation support or our negotiation training can help redress that imbalance.  Book a call now to discover how to get consistently better outcomes from your Enterprise IT negotiations.

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