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Big ticket negotiation projects are complex. That’s why good negotiators spend so much time preparing for the negotiations before they ever sit down at the negotiation table.

“when a deal is very important, you should spend at least twice as much time on preparation as you devote to the negotiation itself” Harvard Negotiation Project

We can help you develop the negotiation strategy and prepare well for your negotiations, including


  • Setting out the negotiation roadmap
  • Mapping key stakeholders, level of involvement and gaining buy-in
  • Workshopping  the key desired outcomes and processes to achieve the outcomes
  • Brainstorming the value-creation mechanisms, including “what-if” scenario analysis and negotiation scoreboarding
  • Getting the team to the required negotiation readiness state
  • Developing the negotiation strategy
  • Undertaking the negotiation and keeping the negotiations on track


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