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Mentoring and Facilitation

Mentoring and Facilitation

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sourcing specialist or expert negotiator available to you as and when you want it?


Retention of  hard-earned sourcing knowledge and experience is a perennial challenge in large organisations. We can provide focused mentoring, sourcing project facilitation, second opinions and general sourcing advice to augment your own capabilities as you require it.


Facilitation can consist of providing on-site or off-site advice and support to your team, having expert resource available for webex/email/telephone support as and when needed; in essence, operating as an extension to your in-house sourcing teams.


This can be of great value in such areas as:

  • Developing or reviewing a sourcing category strategy 
  • Planning a large IT sourcing project 
  • Developing or reviewing a negotiation strategy for a major software sourcing project that is already in train 
  • Recovering a failing software project and negotiating a supplier remediation plan
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Expert Second Opinion

“The Experienced Eye” – bringing our deep knowledge to your sourcing projects.


We can provide a second, expert opinion on your sourcing and negotiation plans and help you map out the detailed activities that, when undertaken, will ideally deliver strong, beneficial outcomes.
Or, we can simply act as a sounding board to help clarify your thinking, whichever stage you’re at.
We have developed and implemented sourcing strategies, negotiated big-ticket deals, brought de-railed projects back on track and generally done most things that get done in the course of large sourcing projects – and we have done this many times over for major blue chip clients.
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