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Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing


Our consulting activities cover a breadth of IT sourcing areas, including:

  • Sourcing and procurement transformation
  • Outsourcing
  • Big ticket software sourcing and negotiation.


Since 1991, we have worked with and built long-standing relationships with blue chip clients across a number of industry sectors. Our consulting activities include:

  • Developing and implementing the Sourcing Strategy
  • Negotiating big ticket software and services agreements
  • Negotiating outsourcing agreements
  • Mentoring and facilitation
  • Expert review/second opinion on IT sourcing strategies
  • Sourcing project remediation – bringing failing projects back on track

Sourcing Strategy

We can help you develop the sourcing strategy or provide an “experienced eye” to review a strategy that may be already developed or in train. We have supported strategic sourcing programmes in many large organisations over the past 23+ years and can bring strong and pragmatic insights to help refine the sourcing strategy, particularly in the area of large, complex software sourcing programmes. This includes


  • Mapping the strategy landscape and ensuring the business and sourcing strategies are aligned 
  • Challenging and fleshing out key strategy drivers, constraints and options 
  • Refining the sourcing strategy content
  • Developing a focused,  week-by-week action-oriented plan to deliver the desired sourcing outcomes

Negotiation Strategy

Big ticket negotiation projects are complex. There may be multiple workstreams with many negotiation topics and sub-topics, all of which are interlinked and essential to value creation or dilution. Sometimes, the most important negotiation factors are clouded by the myriad linkages and interactions, changing value perspectives and timelines. Often, “left-field” tactics are introduced and used as distractions so as to change the negotiation tack and focus. Inexperienced and unprepared negotiators can leave much value on the table and take on more risk than is warranted. This is where well-defined negotiation strategy is invaluable (and essential) to complex, big ticket negotiation projects.

“The most successful negotiators  use negotiation strategy to drive tactics” Brian J. Dietmeyer, B2B Street Fighting

We can help you develop and execute the negotiation strategy on large sourcing projects, including

  •  Mapping the negotiation roadmap 
  • Workshopping  the key desired outcomes and processes to achieve them 
  • Brainstorming the mutual value-creation mechanisms 
  • Getting the team to the required negotiation readiness state 
  • Undertaking the negotiation and keeping the negotiations on track