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Strategic Procurement

We are specialists in Strategic Procurement, particularly in the area of IT and big ticket software and services procurement and negotiation. We provide best practice procurement and negotiation training in the complex category of software and software services. We are based in Dublin, Ireland and have long-standing clients in the UK and Ireland.

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Software Procurement Training

Our acclaimed Software Procurement Training courses can be provided as a one or two-day courses, interspersed with role plays and real-life case studies. Our training can be used by existing software procurement category specialists to keep abreast of best practice or can be used to ease Buyer transition from other procurement categories to the software category.

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We have helped many clients negotiate their large software, services and outsourcing agreements. Using our structured negotiation preparation tools, we can help you map out and execute your big ticket negotiations. Our training courses include a strong focus on preparing for and undertaking big ticket negotiations.

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About Us

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We are strategic sourcing specialists with deep expertise in the area of IT Software and Services sourcing and IT Outsourcing. We use our broad experience to assist clients in the selection, negotiation and implementation of commercial and contractual agreements for major IT Sourcing projects.

  • We are based in Dublin, Ireland
  • Our clients are blue chip organisations in the financial services, government, media & communications, IT and telecommunications sectors, mainly in the UK and Ireland.

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Software Procurement Negotiation


We will help you achieve optimal outcomes on your IT Outsourcing and Software Licensing, Bespoke Development and Support agreements.

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Software Procurement Masterclass

IT Sourcing Training

Our Best Practice Software Procurement training course is based on our many years of big ticket software procurement experience and has been provided to such clients as Aviva, Barclays, Co-op Banking Group, Reuters, BAA plc, Bombardier Aerospace, BT, Capgemini, Eircom, Heineken Ireland, Royal Bank of Scotland, Welsh National Assembly and many others.

Our IT Outsourcing training course covers IT Outsourcing across all stages in the sourcing lifecycle, from initial business case to market assessment, RFP, selection, negotiation and implementation, using our experience across many outsourcing projects to provide real value to participants.

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Negotiating and implementing big ticket IT product, services and outsourcing agreements is a complex area, entailing the management of diverse interests, both within and outside the organisation.

Our negotiation training course will take you through the essence of good negotiation practice, including

  • building the negotiation team
  • workshopping and building the negotiation strategy
  • undertaking complex multi-thread, multi-session negotiations
  • protecting gains and managing key post-negotiation activities

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We are experts in the area of IT and big ticket software and services procurement and negotiation.
  • BarclaysBarclays
  • EircomEircom
  • Ci3Ci3
  • HibernianHibernian
  • OpenetOpenet
  • BTBT
  • CouttsCoutts
  • NatwestNatwest
  • Norwich UnionNorwich Union
  • O2O2
  • ReutersReuters
  • XiamXiam
  • Aviva UKAviva UK
  • Co-Op Banking GroupCo-Op Banking Group
  • FBD InsuranceFBD Insurance
  • FexcoFexco
  • Lloyds Banking GroupLloyds Banking Group
  • Heineken IrelandHeineken Ireland
  • Carphone WarehouseCarphone Warehouse
  • CIE GroupCIE Group
  • Irish Continental GroupIrish Continental Group
  • Enterprise IrelandEnterprise Ireland
  • Welsh National AssemblyWelsh National Assembly
  • CR2CR2
  • CapgeminiCapgemini
  • Core International LimitedCore International Limited
  • Information MosaicInformation Mosaic
  • OcucoOcuco
  • Rockall TechnologiesRockall Technologies